The BMW 7 Series Gets Facelift for 2020


In conjunction with BMW’s naming system, as the numbers rise so does the level of luxury and refinement. As such, BMW’s current flagship vehicle is none other than the BMW 7 series. First introduced in 1977, the BMW 7 series is the epitome of luxury for the Bavarians. Crammed to the rim with the latest technology, the 7 series is the benchmark for all other automakers aiming to create a luxury vehicle that oozes prestige. As a flagship vehicle portrays the brand and the direction the fleet aims towards, the 2020 BMW 7 series inherits BMW’s newest grille design first seen on the BMW X7. The large active kidney grilles are meant to create optimal air flow into the engine bay while simultaneously alerting onlookers of the presence of this prestigious full size sedan.


This may be one of the last times we see the BMW 7 series as a flagship, as the latest rumors amount to BMW’s next flagship being the Vision iNext. That being said, you can assume that BMW put its heart and soul to this latest BMW 7 series facelift. Premium features such as Laserlight technology with Selective Beam that deactivates part of the LED headlights to maintain high beam visibility without blinding oncoming traffic are one of many that have been implemented first on the BMW 7 series. Expect your passengers to be in eternal bliss with extra sound insulation along the rear wheel axle for soundproofing capable of annexing the road noise of even the most unstable pavement. Speaking of unstable pavement, road bumps and dips won’t be heard or felt with standard adaptive air suspension. Fine wood trim and leather surround both passengers and driver, setting the tone of luxury on every drive. Engine options are nearly endless, with choices ranging from an inline-6 to a performance-tuned V-12, and a hybrid option to boot. If you’re ready to step into the king of all luxury vehicles, come by Plaza BMW and take one for a test drive. We welcome you to take a look at our inventory here.

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