The BMW 7 Series Gets Facelift for 2020


In conjunction with BMW’s naming system, as the numbers rise so does the level of luxury and refinement. As such, BMW’s current flagship vehicle is none other than the BMW 7 series. First introduced in 1977, the BMW 7 series is the epitome of luxury for the Bavarians. Crammed to the rim with the latest technology, the 7 series is the benchmark for all other automakers aiming to create a luxury vehicle that…

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BMW’s Ultimate Driving SUV, the X7


As the luxury SUV market continues to get more crowded, BMW aims to cement its position as the premium luxury automaker with the latest BMW X7. Officially unveiled this year, the BMW X7 is the largest BMW SUV to date, offering three rows for the first time ever for the Bavarian automaker.  The new BMW X7 aims to steal market share from the Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, INFINITI QX80, and any other three-seater SUV that…

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BMW Considers Automatic EV Mode in Cities


As innovators in the field and standing behind the tagline of the “Ultimate Driving Machine”, BMW is constantly looking at ways to push the boundaries in the automotive world.  With technology invading every surface of the interior in the latest BMW’s and other automobiles, information is plentiful. This information is vital to maintaining a healthy vehicle and adjusting conditions to cater to different drivers and driving environments.

What does BMW plan to do with…

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The 2019 BMW M5 Competition Brings Excitement to Their Lineup


BMW has long ran with the slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, yet enthusiasts have complained in the latest years with the watered down models being catered to the more common consumer. The spirit of driving is not lost however, but merely repurposed. In the new BMW strategy moving forward, BMW caters the likes of their SUVs and sedans with a refined and smooth driving experience, yet pumps the high pressure inducing thrill into select sports…

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